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Screenshots as a Service

Capturing a screenshot is easy. Automatically capturing screenshots that really look like the target website is much more difficult.

Focus on your website and let us do the heavy lifting.

  • Choose the screenshot resolution
  • Emulate mobile devices
  • Lazy Loading supported
  • Cloud hosted backend
  • Available on RapidAPI
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Features Overview

Fully customizable


Our API allows you to set your own screen resolution and allocated time. You can also capture a complete webpage.

Pixel perfect screenshots

Pixel perfect

Screenshots are not compressed (PNG format), allowing your users to get great quality previews.


Fully scalable

Our backend is optimized, hosted on the cloud and able to withstand a large number of requests.

Retina Graphics

Lazy loading supported

Images and animations loaded when the user scroll over them will be correctly displayed.

Mobile device emulation

Mobile device emulation

We are able to emulate mobile devices so you can easily get snapshots of mobile websites.

World-class support

World-class support

Need help? Miss a feature? Contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirements!

A clear pricing


  • 1000 requests / month
  • then $0.004 each
  • Email Support


  • 5000 requests / month
  • then $0.003 each
  • Email Support


Most Popular
  • 30000 requests / month
  • then $0.003 each
  • Email Support


  • 100000 requests / month
  • then $0.002 each
  • Email Support


Our REST API is simple and intuitive. We have at the moment one API endpoint, get, that returns a PNG screenshot and takes the following five parameters:

  • url: The url of the webpage.
  • width: Width of the screen in px.
  • height: Height of the screen in px. Set to -1 if you want to capture the whole webpage.
  • time_allocated: Time in seconds allocated for loading the webpage.
  • base64: If set true, returns the PNG image encoded in base64.

You can test those parameters, subscribe and get an SDK in a pletora of different languages directly in our RapidAPI webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. How can I access the API?

Our API is available on RapidAPI. Create an account there and you should be good to go!

Q. Is there a contract involved?

No, UrlToScreenshot is a subscription-based service with no contracts. Once your free requests have been used, you either pay a very small fee for each additional request, or you can subscribe for getting a better deal.

Q. I have done a mistake and sent too many requests!

Contact us, we will figure something out.

Q. Do you add watermarks on snapshots?

No we don't, and that is the case for those in the free plan too.

Q. I miss some features. Can you help?

Yes, don't hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to inform you and meet your requirements.

Q. Do you follow redirects?


Q. I want to partner.

We are open to partnerships, contact us!

Q. Can I download and cache the screenshots you provide?

Yes you can, you are even encouraged to do so!

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